5 Tips To Save On Home Decor

We all love a freshly decorated house, but redecorating can cost an awful lot of money.  With these 5 tips to save on home decor, you can spruce up any room in your house.


Take your time

  First thing about saving money on home decor is to take our time.  Shop around and buy pieces as you find them.  Don’t try to redecorate a room over the weekend.  You will impulse buy and spend more than you need to.

Shop Your House

5 tips to save on home decor.

If you are taking on a small decorating task search your house first.  Check other rooms for pieces that you can repurpose.  There are always a few pieces that could fill another space better than the one they are currently in.

Discount Stores

  TJ Maxx and Home Goods will be your best friend.  Shop for nic-nacs, towels and statement pieces from your local discount store.  You can find unique dishes, and statement pieces.  You can also find really nice bedding there and accent pieces.  Another great option is discount websites.  Overstock and One Kings Lane


Estate Sales

This will probably involve a lot of creativity and vision.  Again finding items that you can repurpose or refurbish to use for your room.  If you are creative and have a vision you may be able to find an affordable piece of furniture that you can redesign to fill a space.


 5 tips to save on home decor

If you can’t buy it or it isn’t in your budget, DIY it.  With the wonderful world of the internet you can find almost anything.  Pinterest can give the DIY instructions for it all.  Or if you’re a blogger DIY it yourself and create a blog post.  It’s a great way to add informative useful content to your site.

  Save on home decor and then treat yourself to dinner with extra cash you will have left over.


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