Five of Fall’s Hottest Trends

Yeah-it’s a new fashion season and I could not be more excited! Let’s face it, the only good thing about summer coming to an end is that we get introduced to a new season in fashion and trends.  This fall offers a variety of trends that will satisfy just about every style personality.  Whether you are feeding your inner disco-diva– to feeling powerful in red –to feeling regal in velvet– there’s a look for you this season!

Here are five of fall’s hottest trends


 This season’s disco trend is all about shine and sparkle.  Think Saturday Night Fever (1977) where shiny, sequins and silver ruled.   All this shimmer is this season’s new glamour.  Go ahead and have fun with this look.

Styling tips:

-not ready for head-to-toe shine, keep the vibe low-key by wearing a going-out sequin top with jeans

-pair down a sequin skirt with a graphic tee-shirt

-add a sequin or silver handbag to an all black outfit for a bold statement

Faux Fur

   This season there are a ton of synthetic and dyed (in artificial colors) options that will allow you to wear fur guilt-free.   Gone are the days where fur could age a woman.   The colors this season are whimsical, fun, youthful and age appropriate if worn properly (i.e., only one faux-fur statement at a time and find a color that flatters your skin tone).  This trend has my vote for most fun this season!

Styling tips:

-wear them with dark jeans for a dressier date-night look

-try a light faux-fur jacket over a slip dress

-incorporate faux-fur accents as accessories (one at a time, please)


Without a doubt, red is this season’s power color.  Red is the ultimate color to feel energized and confident in, and every woman needs this color in her wardrobe!   Never has wearing one color head-to-toe been more chic than this season.   Yes, you can wear red and look good—there’s a shade of red out there for everyone.

Styling tips:

-don’t be afraid to wear a head-to-toe red outfit for a super chic look

-trying mixing variations of red together for an edgier look

-be bold and wear a red boot paired with a red coat (very fashion forward!)


The most versatile trend of the season is wearing a pantsuit.   The look is polished and sophisticated and comes in a variety of silhouettes and fabrics this fall.   You will find classic options, men-inspired suits, dramatic floral suits, velvet suits, the list goes on and on.  The best part of this trend is that you can wear the blazer and pants separately for extra fashion mileage.  Like I said, the most versatile trend this season!

Styling tips:

-wear with a sheer blouse for a feminine feel

-sport your trendy sneakers with them for a casual vibe

-forgo a blouse and wear the blazer as a top for a sexy evening look


 By far, this season’s most rich and luxurious feel.  The color black is no longer the standard for wearing velvet.  It’s all about wearing velvet in bold colors and there are a ton of beautiful colors to choose from.  So ditch the black velvet and try a royal blue top or a deep-red velvet pantsuit.

Styling tips:

-try velvet jeans for a more practical look

-consider a velvet bomber jacket for an edgier vibe

-wear a velvet boot or shoe for a very stylish statement



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