Home Remedies For Dark Circles

With summer here, less sleep, longer days and traveling we all suffer just a little from dark circles.  With these 5 home remedies for dark circles your eyes will be brighter and lighter in no time.

5 Home Remedies For Dark Circles

1.  Drink Water & Eat Clean– Dehydration and nutrition deficiencies can be a big cause of dark circles.  So, adding extra water and healthy food choices can help wipe away the dark circles.  Make sure you are getting 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and that your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables.

2. Chamomile Tea – Place one cool tea bag on each eye and let sit for 20 minutes, remove and pat dry.  The tea bags will help with inflammation.

3.  Cucumber – Place a single cucumber slice on each eye and leave for 20 minutes.  Cucumbers contain vitamin C which will help with water retention and the cooling effect of the cucumber will help with inflammation.

4. Almond Oil – Apply gently and leave on overnight.  Wash off in the morning.  Almond Oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E which help reduce inflammation and nourish the skin.

5. Tomato – Blend tomato juice, lemon juice and pinch of turmeric.  Gently place under eyes and let sit for 10 minutes and wash away.   Tomatoes are high vitamin A & C which will help with inflammation and the lemon juice will help lighten the area.



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