Tips on How to Buy Fall’s Hot Trends

So how does a fashionista keep her look up to date each season without breaking the bank?  Many of us are not fortunate enough each season to go out and buy new clothing.  With a good understanding of your budget combined with wise purchases, you can easily add new items to your wardrobe each season without breaking the bank.  To help you decide whether you should spend big dollars or little, I have put together some tips to consider when buying some of fall’s hot trends.


Don’t let the “faux fur” fool you–some of these jackets still come with a big price tag.  Yes, they are not as expensive as real fur.  However, the advances in technology to create the synthetic materials and to dye the fabrics can be costly.   Many designers will use mostly higher-end European mills to get a silkier and softer feel.  –and yes, the more expensive jackets are also less likely to shed.  Still, do you have to spend a great deal of money to make a bold statement when you can make the same statement spending less?   That answer and how you want to use your budget dollars is up to you.

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

DVF Fur Coat $598

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Zara Faux Fur Jacket $49.90



Velvet is a huge trend for this season and will be with us for many seasons to come.   This luxe fabric is easy to wear because of its softness and is flattering on all body types.   It’s everywhere this season from jackets and skirts, to pants and boots.   There are so many velvet items being offered in various price points that it is easy to find something to fit your budget and lifestyle.  Don’t forget to keep in mind the practicalities of buying velvet.   The expensive silk mixes will be dry clean only, while the polyester mixes will be machine washable.  You definitely want to know how to maintain velvet before you commit to buying it.   Ongoing costs to maintaining an item should always be considered.  If a velvet top or a velvet shoe is not your thing, my advice is to go with a velvet jean (most of them are machine washable).


Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Rag & Bone Velvet Jeans $225

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

James Jeans $52


As I have indicated, the color red is the hottest color of the season.  This trend is the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  You can elevate any outfit this season to pure chicness by just adding a red accessory.  Why not start off by adding a red pump to your outfit? It’s that simple.

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Jessica Simpson Heel $69.00

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Giuseppe Zanotti $595


This trend has a lot of us wondering if it can be pulled off without looking like the late 70’s attacked us in a bad way.  All that shimmer and shine can be very intimidating and feel too costume like for many of us to go out to dinner in.   However, if you are still “clubbing” wearing a sequin top paired with dark jeans and silver pumps can be ultra cool!  If you are not ready to have that much shine against your face (and you no longer go to discos), then try wearing silver on the lower part of your body.  A silver skirt can look very sophisticated and on trend paired with a white top.  This is also a trend that is being offered in various price points and you can easily get the look for less.

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Carven Mini Skirt $350


Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Forever 21 Metallic Skirt $17.90


This trend has been creeping up on us in various silhouettes for many seasons now.  It’s the most versatile trend of the season and one that’s also not going away for a long time.   Your best bet is to invest in a great pantsuit that suits your lifestyle.  You won’t regret the better fit and better fabric that will last you for many years.   The pantsuit’s versatility is so cost effective because you can wear the blazer and pants separately to create additional looks.  It’s also easy to dress up or down.  Go ahead and dress them down with sneakers or dress them up with boots and belt the jacket.

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Theory Crepe Power Jacket $475 & Flare Pant $285 

Splurge and save all of fall's hot trends

Zara Crossed Blazer $89.90 & Trousers $49.90


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