10 Tips For A Successful 2018

We all set out with a list of resolutions to change our lives in 2018.  Some may be valuable and some may just be setting yourself up for a disaster.  Starting a new year isn’t always about new years resolutions.  Another great way to look at a resolution is to make subtle changes that will make your overall life more enjoyable.  Setting out to lose twenty pounds may not be the best goal.  Maybe, it’s just as simple as cutting out meat for meatless Mondays or putting your phone down for one hour each day.   These 10 tips for a successful 2018 will help you set yourself up for success and a healthy year.

10 tips for a successful 2018.

Use A Planner

A planner is a busy women’s dream.  You can keep track of everything from your meals and workouts to your schedule.  They can keep you from wondering where you’re supposed to be on Wednesday.  Help you remember little johnny’s school function and that extra rehearsal for Susie.

Exercise Every Day

Even if it’s a ten minute walk.  A great way to clear your mind and open space for possibilities is to get outside and exercise.  There is something for everyone.  You can take on yoga, pilates or running.  Whatever fits your body and lifestyle.

Get Your Annual Health Exam

This is an absolute must every year.  Take the initiative to make sure everything is on track.  Most important thing is staying on top of any changes.  A skin change, or lack of energy.  Simple talks with your doctor and a few easy tests can help you detect certain life threatening diseases early.  Early detection is key to overcoming most of these diseases.

Work Smarter Not Harder

This is something that everyone should try to do.  It’s easy to start to feel like you are running out of control.  Like life has taken over and you are just a part of the rat race.  Find little ways to help you work smarter.

Put Down Electronics

For so many we spend a lot of time on computers, phones and tablets.  The first step to a healthy and successful life is balance.  Put down the electronics.  Give yourself a time slot each day to put down all electronics.  Maybe take up reading again.  Do you remember the old days, when instead of scrolling Facebook, you actually read a book?  Crazy right?

Stress Less

Life will go on.  Stress isn’t necessary and all it causes is sickness.  You may not see the effects of stress immediately, but it will eventually catch up with you.  Don’t stress about the little things in life.  There is no need to stress about the person who cut you off on the freeway, or being ten minutes late.  Take several deep breaths and find a way that works for you to cope with stressful situations?

Meal Plan

Food is vital to your life, but you already know that.  Making sure that in your busy schedule you are getting all the nutrients you need is important.   Giving yourself a meal plan is a great way to keep yourself on track.  Plan out all 3 meals if you can.  Or at least keep healthy breakfast options on hand and plan out lunch and dinner.

Go On Vacation

A vacation is a must.  Maybe you can’t afford to go away, but take a staycation.  Take time to reset.  A vacation from everything social media, work and responsibilities around the house.  Order takeout or go out to eat for a few meals.  Enjoy your time off.

Commit To Taking Care Of Yourself

Yoga, hair appointments, nails any extra treat you can do.  Or anything you love to do for yourself.  Take 2018 to make that time.  Maybe you love facials, you can even do that in the privacy of your own home.  Make time for all those things you love.

Take A Class

  Work your mind.  It could be a weekend class, or something through a college that you go to weekly.  Always do something to challenge your mind.  Your mind is a muscle no different than other parts of your body.  It needs to be exercised and worked on.  So, do something to keep it working.

  These 1o tips for a successful 2018 will help you stay healthy, focused and to live a plentiful life.


Megan Ballard
Megan is the owner and creator behind Live Plentiful. She also blogs all things style, beauty and travel at The Fashionista Momma.

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