5 Tips to Get Clearer Skin & Improve Acne

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tips for clearer skinFor anyone who has ever battled with acne, the struggle is real to find some relief! Getting clearer skin is easier said than done in most cases. It often feels like your skin will never clear up and you will never find any products that will work for your skin. That is obviously not true, but it does take some work to really learn your skin and what will work best. As someone who has struggled with acne well into my 30’s, I wanted to share a few tips to keep in mind to get clearer skin.

5 Tips for Clearer Skin:
  1. Use products with naturally based ingredients. Harsh chemicals can irritate your skin further and lead to more breakouts. Naturally based ingredients tend to be less drying, whereas chemically based products can cause more impurities in the skin. Zenmed has a great line of acne products that are all naturally based. They also help heal discoloration from previous scars, which is a wonderful bonus!
  2. Be sure to take your makeup off every single night. This cannot be stressed enough, as your skin needs time to breathe and heal.
  3. Find the right products and stick with them! I can’t tell you how many times as soon as my skin starts to clear up  I randomly try something new. When this happens, my skin always winds up hating me and I break out again. Sticking with Zenmed products has really improved the texture and appearance of my skin.
  4. Do not pick or pop. Way easier said than done, but picking will lead to redness and scars. This creates a whole other set of problems for your skin that you definitely don’t want to have to manage in addition to your acne. Rather than picking, try using a spot treatment, such as Zenmed’s acne mask.
  5. Watch what you are putting into your body. Not only do you need to make sure you’re putting the best ingredients onto your skin, you need to ensure you’re putting the best ingredients you can into your body. The more sugar and processed food you eat, the more it will show on your skin. As you eat a healthier and clean diet, you should notice a big improvement.

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tips to get clearer skin

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