5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

Are you new to yoga?  Trying to find the peace in an asana practice?  These yoga tips for beginners will help you achieve a healthier more balanced you in no time.

5 yoga tips for beginners

1.   Breath.  This is the number one focus of yoga.  Your breath should be the guide to your practice.  It should be slow, steady and constant.
2.  Listen to your body.  This is such a huge part of practicing yoga.  No matter what level you are at, listening to your body is important.  Every day and every class is different.  You always need to remember that.  Don’t push yourself to far.  You want to challenge yourself but, you should never be uncomfortable or in pain.
3.  It’s not a competition.  Yoga is time for you and it is a never ending learning experience.  Every posture has hundreds of different variations.  Once you have mastered one there is something else you can learn.  Don’t compete with those around you.  Everyone is at a different place in their practice.
4.  Focus on what you have accomplished.  During your practice don’t be hard on yourself.  It’s ok if you can’t do every posture perfectly.  Focus on all the positive things you did during your class.  Acknowledge how you feel when you leave and appreciate the peace you will walk out of your class with.
5.  Listen to the details.  Be sure to listen to your instructor.   Every detail and make adjustments as you go.  There are reasons for every variation and every position.  Your instructor created the class with an intention in mind and purpose for the class.  Listening to the details helps you achieve something bigger than just an hour of yoga.  Also, when you listen and focus on their words, it can help to clear your mind of chatter and thoughts about other things.  Let it all go and be present.
Megan Ballard
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