Back To School Prep

It’s that time of year.  Our kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Some children are going back this week.  It’s time for your back to school prep.  Getting everything ready to go so that the first day goes smoothly and you can send your son or daughter off knowing they have everything they need.  You can leave ready to celebrate the peace and quiet that you will know have in your home.

Back To School Prep

All the tip for back to school prep.

Provide Your School With All Documents – This is a no brainer right, but can easily be forgotten when they are a returning student.  You still need your proof of residency, emergency cards and there may be some other documents you may need.

School Supply List – Typically your teacher will provide you with a supply list that your child will need.  Be sure to pick that up so that your little can be prepared on the first day of school.

Backpack, Lunchbox, Water Bottle – It’s always fun to let your little choose a new backpack lunchbox and water bottle for the start of the year.

Umbrella, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Lice Preventive Spray – These three items are great to have on hand for their school adventures.  You never know when you will need an umbrella.  Sunscreen and hand sanitizer can save your child’s skin and protect them from added germs.  We all want to avoid bringing lice in to our home.  Obviously, there is no guarantee that you can prevent the little buggers from making it on to your child, but a preventive is worth a shot. We love Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Lice Spray.

Get Them Back Into Their Routine – Start their bedtime routine a week before school starts.  This will get them back on track and ready for the bed time and morning routines.

Night Before Routine – Make a special dinner to finish summer.  Let them pick out their first day of school outfit and maybe help with their lunch.  It’s a great way to include them and get them excited for the first day of school.

Send Them Off With Love – Take your first day of school picture and make drop off easy and quick. Give them a hug and say hello to a back to school mimosa.



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