How to Incorporate Velvet into your Wardrobe

One of this season’s hottest trend is no doubt– VELVET.  There’s no escaping this trend and it’s extremely easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.  This luxurious fabric known for its nobility and royalty throughout the years is now available to everyone in a wide-range of price points, silhouettes, and colors.  Gone are the days that we think it should only be worn in black, or is a night-time fabric, or is just for the  holidays!  The color black is no longer the standard and it’s versatile enough to wear during the day and for non-holidays.   Currently, it’s all about wearing it in bold colors and mixing it up with other fabrics in our wardrobes.


Wearing this luxurious fabric as a dress takes the guess work out of what do I wear with it.   There’s no need to worry about what top or bottom to pair it with.  Dresses are truly one-stop shopping when it comes to dressing.   As you would with any other dress in your closet, you can mix and match your footwear to match the occasion.   Pair the dress with boots for a more informal look and dress it up with a pump or sandal for a more formal look.


Lucia Gulbransen, wardrobe stylist, shares all the perfect ways to wear velvet this season.

Lucia Gulbransen, wardrobe stylist, shares all the perfect ways to wear velvet this season.


A pair of velvety pant will make any top look effortlessly chic.   One pair can give you several different looks as they can be worn with sweaters, blouses, and blazers.  A pant easily translates from a day-time look to a night-time look.  If a dressier pant is not your thing, then try a velvet jean.  The great news is that there are a ton of options.


Sailor Skinny

Crop Flare Trousers

Gap Pants



A velvet top is the season’s must have and you can easily wear it with any bottom in your closet.  This luxurious fabric not only looks elegant but will keep you warm and fashionable this season.   Mixing a top with different textured bottoms (i.e. leather pants, or jeans) will make a bold statement without looking over-the-top.


Double Breasted Blazer

Smocked Neck Top

Bow Back Top

Tank Top


Not ready to incorporate this beautiful fabric as a clothing item in your wardrobe, then why not try it as boot or sneaker?  Handbags are also a great way to add a trend into your look and make a stylish statement.


JCrew Sneakers

Ted Baker Crossbody




A fun and unexpected way to add this trend to your look this season is by adding it as an accessory.  Accessories are no real commitment and they are an easy and inexpensive way to try a trend.




Lucia Gulbransen, wardrobe stylist, shares all the perfect ways to wear velvet this season.


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