How To Introduce Your Kids To The Symphony

Have you ever thought of taking your kids to the Symphony?  It’s such a great place for them to see an orchestra and enjoy live music.  Here in San Diego we have the San Diego Symphony and last weekend, they had a showing of Ratatouille.  Now, if you want to introduce your children to the symphony this is a great way to start.

This showing of Ratatouille shows the movie without the music.  The symphony plays the soundtrack to the movie while you enjoy the show.  Here are a few tips to make your first symphony experience an enjoyable one.

How to introduce your child to the symphony.

   Make Sure Your Child Can Sit Still

This is a big one.  Although the shows are kid friendly, you want your child to be able to sit in their seat for about half of a movie.  Most will have an intermission which will allow you to get up about half way through.  However, just like at the movie theater it will be dark and you will want to remain in your seats.

Get Dressed Up

Give your little the full experience.  Let them pick out a nice dress or collared shirt.  It’s such a fun experience and a great opportunity for you to get great photos.

Make Sure They Aren’t Overtired

The music is soothing and could put them to sleep.  Be sure that they have had plenty of rest.  You want them to be able to enjoy the entire movie.

Go With A Full Belly

Most symphony halls will not allow food inside the hall.  Be sure that you feed them and maybe even have a snack in the hall.  We all know kids get hungry at the worst times.  So, save yourself from having to sit in the lobby eating a snack.

Enjoy The Show

Obviously ettiqute is to remain quiet, but point out the orchestra and point out the different instruments.  Afterwards, it’s so great to talk about the different instruments and the sounds they may have heard.  San Diego Symphony has instruments the kids can play before the show start.  Check and see if your local symphony hall does this.  They can try out a trumpet, a violin or a viola.  It’s so cute to see them try out these instruments.

Who knows maybe this symphony experience will turn your child into a music lover and they will grow up to have an appreciation for music.




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